Use These Helpful Dental Tips to Maintain a Healthy and Beautiful Smile!

We pride ourselves on creating healthy smiles that last a lifetime! This means that our job doesn’t end when you leave our office. Our goal is to keep you educated on proper techniques to take care of your teeth so that you your smile looks great for longer.

When you know how to brush your teeth correctly and floss every day, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier mouth. With that in mind, here’s some things to remember:

Brush Regularly and Floss at Least One Time Every Day

When you brush your teeth, angle the toothbrush by 45 degrees towards your gum tissues. Use gentle strokes in a circular motion to ensure that you reach every part of the tooth.

Flossing is important because you can reach between the teeth, where a toothbrush can’t access. The area between the teeth is a common location for cavities and preventing them means flossing thoroughly. However, if you feel any sensitivity or pain, we recommend you contact our office.

Caring for your Children’s Teeth

We recommend that you bring your child to the dentist as early as one year of age. Creating a good foundation for oral hygiene means starting early and with the primary (baby) teeth.

The ADA now recommends fluoride for adults and children, this formula functions much like a vitamin and it helps keep your teeth strong, mineralized, and healthy. Ask your hygienist about it!

Clean All Parts of Your Mouth

Good oral health means preventing all sources of bacteria and you can’t address everything with just brushing and flossing. Consider cleaning or changing your brush regularly to prevent bacteria from growing on the bristles. Some toothbrushes now come with a ridged tongue-scraper, be mindful to use this device as bacteria can still remain on the tongue after brushing, so don’t neglect scraping your tongue as part to your daily routine. This not only helps kill bacteria, it also helps freshen your breath.

A Dentist for Your Entire Family

Our friendly and professional staff will make sure that your visit is comfortable and stress-free. We have state-of-the-art equipment and the first-class expertise to make sure your family receives the highest level of care. Our office is excited to welcome you!